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Our work is our passion. Fremont Table Tennis Academy, a club designated as a USA Table Tennis National Center of Excellence, has a wide range of players from ping-pong beginners with no prior experience to national medal-winning students. Regardless of background, each table-tennis player is valued and we strive to make each experience worthwhile and fun. Come join us and have Fantastic Fun in Fremont!

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Shashin Shodhan Table Tennis school

Shashin Shodhan

Founder and Head Coach

Shashin Shodhan has represented the US in the North American Olympic Trials as a top performer and is currently certified as a USATT National Coach and with the highest level possible with the International Table Tennis Federation. He has over 30 years of experience with the world's and nation's leading players and coaches and leads the coaching for kids and adults. His students improve faster with less table time providing one of the best values in coaching.

The owner and his mother are super friendly and really accommodating for new players. Great place for lessons or just to drop in for open play.

Brandon H.

This place is great – I called and got information on matches etc. Great bunch of people and fun times – they also sell blades and rubber. They have a bunch of nights to play table tennis – get your pong on!

Paul A.

I have been to 3 tournaments and they are always run professionally and on time as advertised. I cant wait until the next one..also, if your in the market for some serious training shashin is a very serious instructor, the best in the area, my game went up to another level with his help, 3 thumbs up!

Chris H.

Shashin Shodhan is the instructor for this ping pong club. His credentials are impressive (read his website), and if you’ve seen him play you know that he knows what he’s doing.
My kids have attended his sessions for about 3 months now and they enjoy it. Shashin is patient and good with kids. Both of my kids have obviously improved after training with him.
There are students of various caliber at the school, which makes it fun for them to learn from each other.
We bought quality paddles from him, and we probably should’ve bought the table from him too (the Sear’s one is cheap but not very good.)

Elizabeth L.

FTTA is awesome place to learn table tennis. I joined as a beginner and gradually improved in all aspect of Table Tennis game. All coaches are very friendly and very patience to teach. On Saturdays there are leagues in which you can check your ability on how far you have improved by progressing through different levels in league.

Priyank S.

My son Sayan has started learning at Fremont Table Tennis center a couple of months back. He was a complete beginner. I’m amazed see how the coaches are encouraging him, relentlessly teaching him the basics, correcting mistakes, encouraging small wins, and how he started grasping the game in merely 7-8 weeks. The basics techniques are very important for anyone to learn any game properly, I can see definitely that is happening at FTTA. Also, head coach and owner Shashin is amazing. He is not only a great coach, also he is an amazing player. Just watch him playing in youtube! I look forward to years of coaching for my son at this great center.

Shantanu D.

It is a great place to play ping pong. I usually play in the open play and league on the weekend. People are all super friendly here. Highly recommend Fremont table tennis.

Becky C.

Our son Srihari Narayanan started learning TT at the ICC center. But we weren’t feeling convinced learning there because there wasn’t much teacher student connection. At that time my friend (whose kids were already with Shashin Shodhan from Fremont TT ) said the coach is really good and comfortable to approach in any aspects. She was absolutely correct as for the past three years we have been seeing the same from Mr. Shashin. He is very good in teaching the techniques of the game by correcting and suggesting better ways of approaching the game. My son is very comfortable since Mr. Shashin always interacts in a positive way with tones of patience and this boosts the interest in learning TT more for all the students. His teaching helps the students practice consistently and reach better levels. As a parent it is also very easy for us to approach him for any queries regarding the game, fees, change in class timings etc.
We made a very good choice of having our son learn TT from a professional hard working coach.

Sumathy N.

FTTA is conveniently located in Warm Springs and has great coaches. Shashin is not only a wonderful coach but is also very friendly with the kids. All the coaches care for the kids making it a very family-like atmosphere. My kids have been training for 3 years and they love it! Highly recommend checking it out!

Vaish G

My son has been learning from Shashin for a few years now. My son takes 2 private lessons weekly, a group lesson, and plays the weekly league. He has improved to the point where he has been winning first place in many tournaments and has won a medal in both US Opens and both US Nationals that he has attended. He has enjoyed learning from Shashin and Shashin provides him guidance during the lessons and coaches him in tournaments. Now Shashin has another coach that my son also learns from and he has made my son more physically fit and has increased the focus on physical training. We highly recommend Fremont Table Tennis Academy as I have seen high personal attention and excellent results for my son.

Divakar T.

This place is awesome. New to the game and everyone is so friendly and helpful!

Bobby T.

I wish so much that I could come to this club to play more often. Too bad I live kinda far away. Everyone is so nice and friendly here. The feeling of this place is like a big family here. Especially Shashin. He is so nice. I believe he was a former national team, he has good skill in table tennis, quick and powerful shot, I’m sure if I could play him more often my rating will improve really fast. He seems like a very good coach, all of his students play very well, every time we came to play in the round robin they got improved and hard to beat. Forgot to mention, Shashin also has an assistant coach also play really well, sorry I forgot his name. His rating is around 2300-2400. He is very talented also. I can’t wait until the next time to come here and play the round robin again.

Kevin Y.

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