2017 US Open-Arnav Khinvasara wins 3 singles gold medals!

By December 24, 2017 July 10th, 2019 Blog

Fremont Table Tennis Academy’s 5 players ended up with 5 medals at the 2017 US Open, thanks in large part to 11-year old Arnav Khinvasara’s triple-gold performance as he won first place in Under 1500, Under 1200, and Under 1000!!!
Fremont TTA students to play were Pranav Tantravahi, Rishi Gopalan, Arnav Khinvasara, and Bhavesh Kumar. I played and coached both. Arnav went 22-0 to win the 3 rating events. His only singles loss was in an age event to the winner of the Under 1950 rating event which he lost 3-1. I thought the Under 3700 Doubles was a good chance for us to win another gold but we didn’t play well and we lost in the first round. If we played better in U-3700 Doubles and if Arnav played Under 1350 (he had to leave early), he had a realistic chance at 5 golds which I think has never been done before! Fremont TTA has usually averaged one medal won per participating student at the major US tournaments and Arnav allowed us to do so at this US Open. 

Rishi Gopalan played well overall but lost in his two main events, the Under 2100 and Under 2000, to junk rubber players, one antispin and one long pips. I should have given him more practice against those styles before the US Open. Rishi beat the winner of the Under 2250 event at a recent tournament who was rated 2279 and made semis of the Under 2000 Division A. Pranav Tantravahi took a break for a while from table-tennis and has begun training again recently but hasn’t played a tournament for a long time until the West Coast Teams in Livermore on Thanksgiving weekend. He’s won a medal in his first 7 major tournaments but needs more tournaments currently. His play was up and down and had two wins against 2200-rated players. Bhavesh Kumar had a good chance to win a medal in the Under 800 but lost in the quarterfinals 3-1. He had leads in the 3rd and 4th games but couldn’t pull them out. I ended up with a bronze in the Men’s Over 30 Years old singles event. I beat the finalists of the Under 2500 and Under 2250 events en route to the semis where I lost to the eventual winner. I wasn’t satisfied with how I played in the event and tournament but I guess I got what I deserved as I played with basically no practice and aerobic training. Even matches I won were more of a struggle than I think they should normally be.