2017 US Open-Las Vegas-Day 1-One Student and One Medal!

By December 18, 2017 July 10th, 2019 Blog

Fremont Table Tennis Academy students have arrived in Las Vegas for the 2017 US Open featuring about 850 players from around the world. Four FTTA students are taking part, Pranav Tantravahi, Rishi Gopalan, Arnav Khinvasara, and Bhavesh Kumar and only Rishi played on the first day. He played in the Under 2000 Super Tiered Round Robin featuring about 200 players.

He advanced into the top division from the first round robin group of 5 comfortably. Then there have been some battles. Of his next 6 matches, half were 3-1 and half were 3-2! He finished first in the second round robin group of 5 with very close matches to advance to the final 16. Then he won 3-1 in the final 16 and 3-2 in the quarterfinals. He is in the semifinals to be played tomorrow. We have one medal guaranteed now after one day with gold, silver, or bronze to be determined tomorrow! Bye from Vegas!

Rishi Gopalan is in the semifinals for the Under 2000 Super Tiered Round Robin Division A to be played tomorrow! He is guaranteed a medal now!

The umpire getting the players ready for their quarterfinal match which Rishi won 3-2.