2018 Fremont April Open tournament

By April 23, 2018 July 10th, 2019 Blog

The 2018 Fremont April Open took place this past weekend (April 20-22) at the Fremont Table Tennis Academy. 87 players took part in the event including one player from Utah! There were events from Under 50 all the way up to Under 2500.
Trophies were given out to the 1st/2nd place finishers in each event and medals to the 3rd/4th place finishers.

Day 1 Album | Day 2 Album | Day 3 Album


The big winners were Fremont TTA students Pranav Tantravahi, Bhavesh Kumar, and Arnav Khinvasara who had 5 first-place and 1 second-place finishes and were the only 3 players to reach two event finals. Pranav performed sub-par in the Under 2500 on the first day but then comfortably won the Under 2300 and Under 2100 events losing only one game combined in both events including impressive 3-0 wins against higher-rated players in the Under 2300 semis and finals.  Bhavesh won the Under 1300 and Under 1100 events and gave higher-rated players trouble in higher events he played for experience. Arnav Khinvasara won the Under 1700 and beat the top seed in the Under 2100 event before losing to Pranav in the Under 2100 final. Fremont TTA private lesson students won first-place in 8 of the 13 events. 

Players to win multiple medals or trophies were:

Anil Ramappa-3rd place-Under 2500, 3rd place-Under 2300, 3rd place-Under 2100

Arjun Ganesan-3rd place-Under 1300, 3rd place-Under 1100, 3rd place-Under 900

Arnav Khinvasara-1st place-Under 1700, 2nd place-Under 2100

Bhavesh Kumar-1st place-Under 1300, 1st place-Under 1100

Daniel Wang-1st place-Under 500, 3rd place-Under 300

Muhammad Qazi-1st place-Under 900, 3rd place-Under 1100

Pranav Tantravahi-1st place-Under 2300, 1st place-Under 2100

Yuyang Ying-3rd place-Under 2100, 3rd place-Under 2300


Under 300 RR SE 1st Place: Ayush Raj 2nd Place: Yajat Sharma 3rd Place: Madhukar Pawar 3rd Place: Daniel Wang
Under 100 RR SE 1st Place: Achyut Badri 2nd Place: Tega Sebeni 3rd Place: Akshara Badri 3rd Place: Umar Iqbal
Under 50 RR SE 1st Place: Nithin Bandaru 2nd Place: Priyanshu Ghosh 3rd Place: Vedant Sanghvi 3rd Place: Ansh Parikh
Under 2500 RR SE 1st Place: William Bai 2nd Place: Olaf Surmann 3rd Place: Rishikumar Gopalan 3rd Place: Anil Ramappa
Under 1700 RR SE 1st Place: Arnav Khinvasara 2nd Place: Yuri Smirnoff 3rd Place: Jose Fernandez 3rd Place: Steve Adams
Under 2100 RR SE 1st Place: Pranav Tantravahi 2nd Place: Arnav Khinvasara 3rd Place: Yuyang Ying 3rd Place: Anil Ramappa
Under 1300 RR   1st Place: Bhavesh Kumar 2nd Place: Blesson Paul 3rd Place: Martin Wong 3rd Place: Arjun Ganesan
Under 1100 RR SE 1st Place: Bhavesh Kumar 2nd Place: Becky Cheng 3rd Place: Arjun Ganesan 3rd Place: Muhammad Qazi
Under 900 RR SE 1st Place: Muhammad Qazi 2nd Place: Neel Dhavali 3rd Place: Arjun Ganesan 3rd Place: Adarsh Jayaram
Under 700 RR SE 1st Place: Sayan Dey 2nd Place: Rishi Singh 3rd Place: Adarsh Jayaram 3rd Place: Eduardo Gonzalez
Under 500 RR SE 1st Place: Daniel Wang 2nd Place: Genelia William 3rd Place: Lynna Xu 3rd Place: Dheeraj Tallapragada
Under 2300 RR SE 1st Place: Pranav Tantravahi 2nd Place: Shuja Jafar 3rd Place: Anil Ramappa 3rd Place: Yuyang Ying
Under 1900 RR SE 1st Place: Dhruv Sampat 2nd Place: Jason Liang 3rd Place: Rishi Sankar 3rd Place: Misha Sushchik