2018 Newark June Open tournament

By June 20, 2018 July 10th, 2019 Blog

The 2018 Newark June Open took place at the Siliman Center last Saturday, June 16. This is the first of monthly tournaments we plan at the Siliman Center this year. I was happy to hear of compliments about the facility as participants said it was a nice place to play.

There were events from Under 50 to Under 2500 along with age events. There were trophies given to the 1st and 2nd place finishers and medals to the 3rd and 4th place finishers in each event.

The Newark June Open took place at a great venue, the Siliman Center, in neighboring Newark.


Players to reach multiple event finals were Anil Ramappa, Dhruv Sampat, Dheeraj Tallapragada, and Tejas Vaze. Truong Tu comfortably won the highest event, the Under 2500. Anil Ramappa won the Under 2300 and Under 2100. Dhruv Sampat won the Under 1900. A nice surprise in that event was FTTA student Bhavesh Kumar winning the bronze in the Under 1900 beating the Under 1700 champion Audrey Liu and another 1600+ player and losing only to Dhruv. His league and tournament ratings are both below 900. The Under 1300 was won by Fremont TTA adult student Narasimha Denduluri over another adult student Blesson Paul. Adarsh Jayaram won the Under 900 and Under 700 using his long pips to good effect. Debbie Malkin of Santa Cruz won the Under 500 event to give her the first tournament win in her career! Ritvik Sinha also had his first career win by winning the Under 300. The Under 100 event was won by Umar Iqbal over Hriday Shankar and the Under 50 by Loren Pan over Aadesh Sahoo. The Under 50 event had the most entries (21) and the closest final (16-14 in 5th).

Due to space and time constraints at the Fremont Table Tennis Academy where tournaments have normally been run, age events were not possible. However, at the Siliman Center, we had more space and tables and had Juniors 14 Years & Under, Juniors 10 Years & Under, Juniors 8 Years & Under, and Seniors 50 Years & Over. Juniors 14 & Under was won by Juniors League Division 2 MVP Tejas Vaze. Juniors 10 & Under was won by Aanya Kulkarni who is a member of the Champions in Training Program. Juniors 8 & Under was one of my favorite events showing the future and was won by Alexis Law. The Seniors 50 & Over was won by my Dad who had his first tournament win against a long pips player and his first first-place trophy in a long time.