The 2019 US Nationals took place from July 1-5 in Las Vegas, Nevada and Fremont Table Tennis Academy sent 5 students there, with 4 of them playing Nationals for the first time. Sayan Dey came home the big winner as he won two medals, one in singles and one in doubles.

He won bronze in Under 1400 and silver in Under 3200 doubles.

The students had a great time playing different styles as all 4 juniors were playing Nationals for the first time. All juniors had good wins against players much higher than their ratings, including wins against players 1,000 points or higher than their ratings. One adult student, Stephen, has played major tournaments several times but has some trouble sometimes with vision and there was poor lighting the hall but also sometimes doesn’t play up to his potential in matches. This may have been the hardest year for me as a coach as all 5 students were basically playing the same events at the same times so I was in constant dilemmas on who to coach. I missed most of my students matches, then saw parts of matches second most, and I saw full matches the least as I was constantly running between tables trying to coach each student. Normally, in major tournaments, my students are spread out through different events so have different start times which makes it easier to watch full matches. This Nationals was the most challenging as all students were basically playing at the same times.

Overall, it was a great experience for the students and hope more upcoming players can join future major tournaments. The US Open is scheduled to be in Fort Worth, Texas in December.