The 2019 US Open took place this past week in Fort Worth, Texas with over 700 players from all over the world. FTTA Owner Shashin Shodhan went with one student, Yajat Sharma, who played his first US Open. Yajat won bronze in the Under 1000 event, had a good tournament, and nearly had a really great tournament. He lost in the semis of Under 1000 11-9 in the 5th. Yajat had a rating of 776 going in and defeated a number of higher-rated players. He was very competitive in every match as he lost five matches 2-3 against players rated between 1000-1800 in higher rating events and the boys hopes (12 years and under) age event and played close games against a player rated over 2,000. It was overall a great experience for him and just needed a little more confidence to get over the top. The 2020 US Nationals in July is scheduled to be in Utah and more Fremont TTA students will likely attend.

Yajat Sharma pictured with coach Shashin Shodhan with his bronze medal and certificate!