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2022 Fremont Butterfly February Open tournament

The 2022 Fremont Butterfly February Open tournament at Fremont Table Tennis Academy took place this weekend (Feb 11-13) is the latest in the series of Fremont table-tennis tournaments. It was a 2-star USA Table Tennis sanctioned tournament featuring 3 days of play. There were about 90 tournament players battling for trophies and medals. The lower rating events signifies usually more beginner level play. The higher ratings usually indicate a higher level of play. Events by rating went from Under 25 rating to Under 2200 rating and the final day also featured Open Singles (any rating) and junior events. The next tournament will be the 2022 Fremont February March Open on March 11-13, 2022. Entry Form | Enter Online

2022 Fremont Butterfly February Open Table Tennis Tournament
The 2022 Fremont Butterfly February Open Table Tennis Tournament featured about 90 players battling in 14 events over 3 days of play.


DAY 1 (Facebook Album):

The first day of play featured the lowest rating events including under 25 rating, under 50 rating, under 100 rating, and under 400 rating. The Under 25 was the first event won by 10-year old Rishan Yarlagadda. He won 2 of his 4 matches 3-2 en route to the title. 7-year old Caleb Liu was the big winner of Day 1 with first place finishes in both under 50 rating and under 100 rating and third Place in under 25 rating. 7-year old Leo Xu was the runner up in Under 25 rating and Under 50 rating. In the Under 400 event, Rohan Bubna won both matches 3-2 in his group and then won the semis and finals 3-0 en route to the title over his friend and Fremont Table Tennis Academy clubmate Ryan Chen. 

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Day 2 (Facebook Album):

The second day of play featured the mid-level rating events from Under 700 to Under 1600. Kids dominated day 1 and adults won 3 of the 4 events on Day 2. The Under 1600 event took place first and was won comfortably by Basha Shaik with the loss of only one game over first-time tournament player Avinash Mallavarapu. The Under 1300 event was won by Bo Xu and the Under 1000 event by Sanjay Prasanna. 10-year old Shaarav Sunil prevented a title sweep by adults on day 2 by winning the Under 700 event. 

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Day 3 (Facebook Album):

Day 3 featured the highest rating events, the Under 1900 and 2200, Open Singles, and junior events featuring the future. Open Singles was won by Xin Li over Darshan Chalise. Darshan would get his title in Under 2200 over twin brother Divya Chalise. Both are currently studying in PhD programs at Berkeley and Illinois. The Under 1900 event was won by long pips specialist Jun Huang. Junior events finished off play with the 17 years and under event won by Sayan Dey over France’s Matthieu Ferry. Ferry is staying in Santa Maria for about a year. The 13 years and under event was won by Om Narvekar without the loss of a game and the 9 years and under event was won by Raghav Bikkina. 

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