The 2022 Fremont Butterfly August Open featured record entries with around 100 players battling in 14 events for bragging rights. It was a two star USA Table Tennis sanctioned tournament. There were players from all the way in Nevada to a visiting player from England to an upcoming player from Southern California. The next tournament is now tentatively scheduled for October 28, 29, and 30.


Day 1 (Friday, August 26):

Day 1 featured our upcoming younger players with the most entry-level events. The under 25 was won by Abhiram Nanda Dasari over Yash Pasumarthi. The under 50 was dominated by Rohan Upadrasta over last time’s under 25 winner Saatvik Swaminathan. The under 100 was won by Disha Bhattacharyya over Aditya Shyam who won his first trophy. The under 400 event was won by Bryan Wu who won first place for the second consecutive time. He overcame Rayan Chatterjee in the final. 

Day 2 (Saturday, August 27):

Day 2 featured the mid-tier rating events from under 1600 to under 700 and juniors 12 years and under. The under 1600 kicked things off and was won by Madhav Deshmukh over Aswanth Thilakkumar. Aiden Zhang was the big winner of the second day winning both under 1300 and juniors 12 years and under. He won under 1300 over Jacky Huanjie Dong and juniors 12 years and under over Shaarav Sunil. The under 1000 event was won by Saatwik Muthukumar and the under 700 event by Jenna Kiyasu with both champions defeating Ryan Chen in the finals. 

Day 3 (Sunday, August 28):

Day 3 featured the highest level of play and our youth. Open singles was won by Rohan Sirisena Manamendra Gedara over Aditya Godhwani. Kenny Au was the big winner of the final day winning both under 2200 and juniors 17 years and under. He won under 2200 over veteran Terry Young and juniors over Priyanshu Ghosh. Under 1900 was won by Alex Rozhin over Suguru Araki. Our future wrapped up the events with Juniors 8 Years and Under. Ria Chatterjee won the event over Cyrus Li.