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2023 Fremont Butterfly June Open tournament

The 2023 Fremont Butterfly June Open tournament took place this past weekend (June 16-18) at Fremont Table Tennis Academy. There were lower rated events the first day with only 3 events, a full day of play the second day of play, with play finishing on the 3rd day with higher rated events, Open Singles, and 2 junior events completing the tournament. The players to reach two or more event finals were Tanishq Dhavali (1st-Under 1900, 1st-Juniors 18 Years & Under, 2nd-Under 1600, 2nd-Juniors 14 Years & Under), Rohan Bubna (2nd-Under 2200, 2nd-Under 1900, 2nd-Open Doubles), Camden Cheung (1st-Under 50, 1st-Under 100), Disha Bhattacharyya (1st-Under 1000, 2nd-Under 1300), and Karthik Kalle (1st-Juniors 14 Years & Under, 2nd-Juniors 18 Years & Under). The next tournament is tentatively scheduled on the August 19-20 weekend and may take place at a nearby bigger gym.


DAY 1: Friday, June 16, 2023

The first day of play featured a light slate with 3 events: Under 400, Under 100, and Under 50. Arvind Kalyan kicked things off by following up his April Open Under 100 win by winning the Under 400 this time. He won a close final over Nihar Shah. Camden Cheung was the big winner of the first day winning both Under 100 and Under 50 losing only 3 games en route to both victories. He won under 100 rating over Atul Sarje and Under 50 rating over Atharva Arvind.

DAY 2: Saturday, June 17, 2023

The second day of play featured events beginning at 8:15 am and events finishing past 8:15 pm. The Under 25 kicked things off with twins dominating with Logan Hanan winning the title in his first tournament over Jai Jadhav. Jai beat Logan’s twin bother Shea in group play where as Logan beat Jai’s twin brother Om in group play. Then came Open Doubles with Yao Tang and Nolan Yu coming back from down 0-2 to win the final over Rohan Bubna and Tega Sebeni. The Seniors Over 50 Years event was then won by Mark Walker over Steve Roberts. Then began the rating events. The Under 1600 event was won by frequent winner Tega Sebeni over Tanishq Dhavali who would reach the first of 4 finals this tournament. Then the Juniors 14 Years and Under was won by 10-year old Karthik Kalle over Tanishq Dhavali. Then the Under 1300 event was dominated by top seed Yueran Ren without the loss of a game with the final over Disha Bhattacharyya. Disha would get her victory in Under 1000 over Ruhi Majumdar. The Under 700 event was won by first-time tournanent player Max Barshay over Krish Gupta to close play on a busy day of play.

DAY 3: Sunday, June 18, 2023

Open Singles kicked things off on the final day with Leo Huang winning the event over Shashin Shodhan. The Under 2200 was won by top seed Kenny Au over Rohan Bubna. Then Tanishq Dhavali reached his 3rd and 4th event finals winning Under 1900 over Rohan Bubna and Juniors 18 Years & Under over Karthik Kalle. The Juniors 8 Years & Under was won by Ali Afrakhteh for the 3rd time over first-time finalist Neil Nambiar.

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