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2024 Fremont West Coast Teams tournament

There was high interest in running another team tournament after the November team tournament so arrived the 2024 Fremont West Coast Teams this past weekend at Fremont TTA. Entries reached the maximum 20 teams limit with teams split into 4 divisions. The top two teams in each division met in the finals with each team consisting of 2 players. Did we almost have legends Ma Long and Timo Boll winning Divisions 1 and 2?!

2024 Fremont West Coast Teams



The top seeded team in Division 1 was Team O’Boll (Rohan Bubna, Umar Iqbal) named after the German legend and former World #1 Timo Boll. The Avengers (Karthik Kalle, Tanishq Dhavali) were seeded #2. In both group play and the finals, Karthik and Tanishq beat top seed Rohan Bubna of Team O’Boll both times to create an upset and take the title. Special mention to Tanishq who would go the entire tournament undefeated. Finishing in 3rd were SD (Mahadevan Arivazhakan, Shanker Ram) and Ninja Spinners (Saatwik Muthukumar, Anchit Nayak). Special mention to Bay Area Bosses’ Diganth Jain who had the biggest rating jump in the tournament and his partner Atharva Arvind who nearly upset 3 of the 4 finalists.


The PaddleTitans (Dylan Hoang, Saharsh Mutta) lived upto their top seeds to finish first in Division 2. They lost the initial crossover Div 1-2 match to Bay Area Bosses but then would go 23-1 in matches to take the Division 1 title. They somehow overcame Ma Long….or HA Long (Hasini Deepak, Akhil Ramakrishnan) in the final. Akhil upset Saharsh in the first match of the final but then PaddleTitans, led by Dylan, won the next 3 matches to take the title. PaddleDoods (Chintan Vora, Mathew Roshan) and Double Trouble (Darren So, Aditya Parikh) would win 3rd place!


WCTTA-Tigers (Aditya Karanam, Austin Ng), after losing the Div 2-3 crossover match to be in Division 3, would comfortably win Division 3. Aditya went undefeated in his singles matches and Austin went 8-1 in Division 3 play. There was a 3-way tie for 2nd in Division 3 with Royal Comets (Siddanth Gogikari, Ashrith Reddi) getting 2nd place followed by Spin Squad (Leo Novak, Steve Roberts) and middle schoolers Nikhil Kirsur and Rounak Sengupta (Middle Men) getting 3rd place. After WCTTA-Tigers dominance, Nikhil of Middle Men had the next best singles record in Division 3 going 6-3.


This Division featured Fremont Table Tennis Academy and Fremont TTA Tri-Valley Branch’s best upcoming youth with many kids 8-10 years old and just beginning competitive play. They had many close matches with spirited play and teammates pulling for each other and support from their families. The finals were won by Smashbreakers (Shreyan Sugumar, Advik Krishna) over Smiling Smashers (Aradhya Shyam, Aarvi Pandya). Finishing in 3rd place were Ace Alliance (Anika Agarwal, Atharv Krishna) and Spin Ninjas (Pranav Dileepan, Surya Tekuru). Advik of Smashbreakers, Aradhya of Smiling Smashers, and Atharv of Ace Alliance had the best singles performances of Division 3 with each going either 7-2 or 6-2 in singles record. 

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