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Weekend League-February 11-12, 2017

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Fremont Table Tennis Saturday, Feb 11 league was won by Saahil Tiwary in Group 1 and Adarsh Jayaram in Group 2. Saahil won all his 5 matches while losing only 3 games. In Group 2, Adarsh Jayaram lost a match to Andrew Chen but still came out as group winner after beating Amanvir Parhar head-to-head.

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2017 World Tour Heads to New Delhi, India

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The 2017 World Tour’s next stop is New Delhi, India for the first time taking place from February 14-19. The big names playing the tournament are former World #1 Vladimir Samsonov and 4-time Olympic medalist Dimitrij Ovtcharov. There are also good Japanese players like Olympian Koki Niwa and the youngest ever World Junior Champion, 13-year old Tomokazu Harimoto, and of course, all the top Indian players are playing. Here is legend Vladimir Samsonov promoting the tournament.

The previous World Tour, the Hungarian Open, was won by China’s Yan An who is from Beijing. I met his Dad who was a Beijing coach then when I practiced with the Beijing team for 2 months in 1999. Yan An’s Dad was also the coach of Chinese national team member, 2016 LA Open finalist, and China’s best chopper for a while, Hou Yingchau and Hong Kong national team player Tang Peng who is also from Beijing. I played Hou Yingchao at the 2016 LA Open and maybe have never seen backspin so heavy and he did it with short pips on the backhand. Here are the top 10 points from the Hungarian Open World Tour:

Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady and Ping-Pong

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Like all athletes, Super Bowl MVP quarterback Tom Brady is very competitive, even on the ping-pong table. Here is a story of a broken paddle after losing a table-tennis match to his wide receiver, Danny Amendola, and his wide receiver’s quote:

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