Bill Gates and Roger Federer Match for Africa in San Jose!

By January 30, 2018 July 15th, 2019 Blog

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and tennis legend Roger Federer are coming to San Jose for a charity tennis event to raise money for Roger Federer’s foundation. Bill Gates has been mainly into philanthropy in recent times and has his own foundation as well.

I will likely go to watch the event. This is the first time Roger Federer will play tennis in the Bay Area. Bill Gates went to the London Olympics to watch US Olympian Ariel Hsing’s match against eventual Olympic Champion Li Xiaoxia of China where Ariel gave Li her toughest match en route to her gold losing close 4-2 in the final 16. Bill Gates has known Ariel since she was young. 

Warren Buffet invites Olympian Ariel Hsing annually to his company’s annual shareholder’s meeting to play ping-pong with her and Bill Gates and let anyone challenge her.


Bill Gates and Warren Buffett taking on Ariel Hsing:

Bill Gates and Roger Federer hilarious promo video for their event: