Table-Tennis at the 2017 US Open in Tennis

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The Australian Open in tennis is going on right now so we need some tennis-table-tennis connection. Here is former top African player and Olympian, Atanda Musa, who is Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon’s personal table-tennis coach, playing ping-pong at the 2017 US Open last year in New York. Read More

Top Points of 2017

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Here are the top 10 points of 2017. Note how a number of these points happened at critical moments of the match as is often the case with highlight points. If you’ve seen the previous years’ highlights points between Par Gerell and Adrian Mattenet (90+ hits of lob and smash)
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2017 US Open-2 Days and 2 Medals!

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Fremont Table Tennis Academy’s 4 students have 2 medals after 2 days of play! Rishi Gopalan narrowly lost his semifinal in the Under 2000 Division A to get the bronze. Arnav Khinvasara is in the semifinals of Under 1500 to be played tomorrow so he is assured of a medal as well but the color is to be determined. Read More