Scenes from July 18-22 summer camps!

Fremont Table Tennis Academy Junior Program

The summer camps continued at both branches into the July 18-22 week. Kids continued to do physical training, skill learning, fun games, and camp tournaments….

Scenes from first half of July

Fremont Table Tennis Academy had a brief pause with advanced students going to the 2022 US Nationals and no summer camps for that time period. Now classes are back in full swing with private lessons, adult classes, group lessons, and summer camps.…

Fremont Table Tennis Academy at 2022 US Nationals

Fremont Table Tennis Academy had 7 students play the 2022 US Nationals in Fort Worth, Texas this past week featuring the nation’s best players. It was the toughest competition my students have faced with an enriching and rewarding experience for them. It was a great experience for them to play different styles from throughout the nation and rewarding for them and me to see them go through the ups and downs of a major tournament and each individual match….

National Junior Team Trials

Fremont Table Tennis Academy upcoming boys, Raghav Bikkina and Karthik Kalle, played the national team trials for 11 years old and under today in Fort Worth, Texas.…

2022 Fremont Butterfly June Open tournament

The 2022 Fremont butterfly July open featured 75 players battling in 14 events for trophies and medals as well as prize money in open singles. There were events for all levels as usual in the tournaments but this time, the juniors 8 years and under event returned….

Second Summer Session!

The summer camps continue in Fremont and San Ramon and the second week of summer fun continued this week. Fremont had morning camps and San Ramon had afternoon camps. Camps featured fun games and skill learning through the week.…

Summer Camps have begun!

Fremont Table Tennis Academy in Fremont and San Ramon have begun the summer camps for 2022! Week 1 took place from June 6-10 to start summer break off right!…