We hope everyone stays safe and healthy during these challenging times. Fremont Table Tennis Academy will likely open soon. We understand people will be cautious to venture outside their homes but we will take all precautions necessary to ensure a safe environment such as social distancing, hand sanitizing, disinfecting, and more. Here are the precautions we will take:

    • Academy will be cleaned, wiped, and disinfected daily
    • Requirement of each player to wear a mask. We will not give hard physical training so wearing a mask should be safe.
    • Upon entry, each player must use the hand sanitizer available on-site before beginning play to ensure balls and hands are and remain clean
    • We will ask the students to avoid touching the balls as the coaches will keep the bucket of balls and aim to start all rallies except students’ serving
    • Each table will be individually barriered off from other tables to keep the balls on the same table throughout the lesson
    • Anyone who is feeling sick or has a cough should not come
    • Group lessons will be split into two halves to ensure social distancing to limit group sizes. For example, in the weekday beginner/intermediate program, students on Sunday will be asked to come either 3:30-4:15 PM or 4:15-5 PM instead of the full 3:30-5 but we will keep the same number of coaches so students will get the same amount of play time with the coaches. In the advanced class, there is only 1 student per side of table to provide the social distancing needed so the full 2 hours of class will remain.
    • For the weekend league, the league players will be asked to come at different times based on which group they’re in to limit the number of people playing at once. Players must inform and pay by Friday 8 PM of the same weekend if they will play. The league groups may take place on Saturday evening or Sunday evening. If you have a preference as to the time slot, please inform Shashin by Friday 8 PM. Once groups are made, Shashin will inform the players when their respective group will play.
    • There will be no open play until at least July 1
    • Table-tennis social distancing markers will be on the floor where group lesson students will wait for their turn
    • We will ask all players to wash their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before coming to the academy
    • Chairs will be 6 feet apart
    • Players are not to shake hands
    • Students are not supposed to use or touch the ball picker uppers. Let only the coaches pick up the balls.
Covid-19 table-tennis precautions will be enforced at Fremont Table Tennis Academy.

Covid-19 table-tennis precautions will be enforced at Fremont Table Tennis Academy.