Blades refer to the wooden part of the table-tennis paddle with both the handle and the head of which the rubber is placed on. By rule, the table-tennis blade must be made out of 85% wood. There are different variations in blades from all wood table-tennis paddles which are usually cheaper, to faster arylate or aramid carbon and zylon/zephyllium carbon table-tennis paddles. Fremont Table Tennis Academy carries Butterfly blades from slow to fast table-tennis blades. Butterfly carries shakehand blades (FL and ST), chinese penhold blades (CP), and Japanese penhold blades (JP).


The 3 most common handles are flared (FL) for shakehand players, straight (ST) also for shakehand players, and Chinese penhold (CP) for penhold grip players. Different models of blades come available in different handles. The flared (FL) handle is the most common and recommended shakehand blade as the racket stays easily in the hand as the handle enlarges in size towards the bottom of the handle. The straight (ST) handle means the handle stays the same size from the top to the bottom of the handle and is best for grip changes. The Chinese penhold (CP) handle is for the penhold grip players.

If you want to buy a paddle that does not need rubbers glued on, please feel free to shop our pre-assembled paddles or custom paddles that come ready to play.


All-wood table-tennis paddles usually offer the best feel and control and are usually cheaper. All-wood blades are recommended for your first paddle. Among the blades we have in stock, we have the Timo Boll Junior blade for kids as an all-wood blade as well as the best-selling Primorac blade.


When your technique becomes more set and you want help with and can handle speed, you can consider switching to carbon which are generally fast table-tennis blades. Carbon is often added as a stiffer layer to give a little more speed. Carbon causes a little bit of a loss in feel. However, carbon paddles made today can offer quite good feel as well. Carbon paddles also have a zylon/zephyllium fiber or aramid/arylate fiber which are interweaved with carbon that add more bounce along with an enlarged sweet spot.

The blade widely considered the best carbon blade is the Butterfly Viscaria blade which Fremont Table Tennis Academy carries in stock. It is widely used by national and world-class players and by Fremont TTA Founder Shashin Shodhan,