Custom Table Tennis Paddles

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Want to know which custom table-tennis paddles to choose from the endless variety? Here we simplified your decision-making to give you Xiom custom-made table-tennis racket specials we recommend for all levels. We also have the paddle rubbers glued to the blade so you do not have to assemble yourself and these are among the best custom table-tennis paddle combinations in the market. They also come with a discount.

Here are 4 excellent Xiom custom-made paddles:

Zeta Offensive with Vega Europe is more for the player seeking spin and control.

Feel SX with Vega Pro is for the spin-oriented attacker of all levels.

HX Pro with Omega 7 Europe gives an excellent combination of speed, spin, and control.

Ice Cream AZX with Omega 7 Tour is for the professional or high-level aggressive topspin player looking to finish off his opponent.