Table Tennis Rubbers

Butterfly Table Tennis Rubbers

The table tennis paddle rubbers from Butterfly are the best rubbers in the market. Butterfly rubbers are the most widely used rubbers by world-class players and club players everywhere. Its most popular lines of rubbers are the Tenergy and Dignics series (located below in “Speed Rubbers”).

Butterly Tenergy Rubbers

The Tenergy paddle rubbers have long been a best-seller. In the Tenergy line, Tenergy 05 has the most spin and Tenergy 64 the most speed. Tenergy 80 has a balance of speed and spin. The Tenergy FX rubbers have a softer sponge and are recommended for developing players. FX rubbers offer more control. Tenergy 19 is now the latest rubber from Butterfly offering the most explosiveness and catapult in the Tenergy series.

Butterfly Dignics Rubbers

The latest line of rubbers from Butterfly is the Dignics series. Now they are starting to become more widely used among world-class players and are tailored for advanced players.

Dignics 05 (most spin in Dignics series) is denser than Tenergy with a 40 density. This means a higher swing speed will generate more power but not as much catapult on passive shots like push and block compared to Tenergy. The Dignics 64 (more speed) and 80 (more balanced) rubbers are also excellent explosive rubbers.

Dignics 09C is its own animal. It has density of 44 and is really good when the technique is solid. This rubber is generally geared for higher level players and offers a tacky topsheet for superior spin while giving excellent control. Its harder sponge offers more power when you have higher swing speeds. Dignics 9C is used by Fremont TTA Owner Shashin Shodhan.

Table Tennis Rubber Thicknesses

The rubbers come in different thicknesses. The thinner sponges (1.7, 1.9) offer more control and a harder feel. The thicker sponges (2.1 mm/max) offer more spring and give a faster and spinnier ball. The thicker sponges also offer a softer and better feel.