Fremont Table Tennis Academy has reopened and some good upcoming kids have begun taking lessons again. Here is a video of kids 10 years and under who are showing promise to become really good players. Included in the video are kids who have already excelled in tournaments such as lefty 8-year old Raghav, 9-year old twins Siva and Shri, 10-year old girl Ruhi, and 9-year old Sumedh. The mentioned students have all begun play since Fremont Table Tennis Academy’s reopening and are all in the champions in training program.  Each of these table tennis kids do 2-6 hours of private lessons weekly.

The twin powers Siva and Shri have excelled in the 8 years and under events before turning 9 years old. Ruhi has been a finalist in the Under 100 event. Raghav has won first place in the 8 years and under event in the most recent tournament. Sumedh has won first place in the team tournament in his division and has recently begun 6 hours of private lessons weekly, the most in the academy. Tournament play has halted but expect good things soon from these kids! All of these kids have a chance to be among the best for their age in the US.