The sold-out 2019 Fremont Teams took place on Sunday, November 17 featuring the maximum 35 teams allowed battling for trophies and prize money in a full day of play. There were 7 divisions of 5 teams in each division where all teams played all other teams in their respective divisions. There was a lot of good feedback from players as they enjoyed playing with their teammates with most winning trophies. Trophies were given to the top 4 teams in each division.



Division 1 was the hardest division with Fremont TTA (Idi Lewis, Deep Saun) coming out on top. Idi Lewis led the way with a 8-0 singles record winning every singles match comfortably. Around The Net (Jonathan Hu, Alireza Khatibi) came in 2nd with Graceful Grayz 3 (Misha Sushchik, Neeraj Garg, Kuldip Shodhan) and Mark & Ted (Mark Johnson, Teddy Solomon) both getting 3rd place.


Division 2 was the second-hardest division and Bobs (Tanav Narayanan, Adarsh Jayaram) coming out on top winning every match 4-1 or 5-0. Both Tanav and Adarsh finished with a 7-1 singles record while winning every doubles. Second place was Panthers with the father and son team of Venkatraman Srinivasan and Aditya Venkatraman. Third places went to Applebee’s (Arnav Rao, Ananya Manduva) and The Sebenis (Johnson Sebeni, Tega Sebeni).


Farmers (Tejas Prabhune, Tejas Vaze) dominated Division 3 with both Tejas’ going undefeated in singles and dropping only 1 doubles. They should have been in Division 2 but Tejas Prabhune hadn’t played a sanctioned tournament for a long time so had an underrated rating of 200 but will be adjusted up after this tournament. Second place featured the surprise finish of 8-year old twins Sivaraam Velayutham and Shriraam Velayutham as the Treacherous Two. They beat the other 3 teams in their division to become the surprise of the tournament as 2nd place in the 3rd-hardest division. Third place went to Banana Peppers (Nirad Kanada, Priyanshu Ghosh) and Momentum (Chris Hazell, Tim Hsueh).


Pong Players (Samrudh Jakka, Yash Pattekar) finished 1st. This is Samrudh’s 3rd straight first-place finish in his first 3 career tournaments and Yash’s 2nd straight first-place finish in his second career tournament! There was a 3-way tie for 2nd featuring Super Smashers (Jaina Gandhi, Abhay Girish), Table Eaters (Tanish Kumar, Sahith Sthrothrabhashyam), and Yeet (Surya Kalapatapu, Rishi Dave) with Table Eaters finishing 2nd place and Super Smashers and Yeet in 3rd. When there is a 3-way tie by team record, only the head-to-head matches are looked at to determine the places. Jaina Gandhi went undefeated in her singles matches.


Table Tennis Team (Riya Agrawal, Anav Apparaju) won 1st in this division with Riya going 7-1 in singles. Power (Anirudha Das, Tarun Natham) finished 2nd with the 3rd place finishers being the team of upcoming 10-year old girls  as the Superstars (Rithika Sathish, Ruhi Majumdar) and Kiwi Eating Walruses (Christian Jones, James Hazell).


Amazing Avengers (Sumedh Seetharaman, Syaon Kumar) dominated Division 6 losing only 1 match in 4 team matches winning 5-0, 5-0, 5-0, and 4-1. They lived up to their #1 seed. Second place was Killer Spinners (Aryan Agrawal, Om Chandran). Third place was Ping Kong (Raghav Bikkina, Ryan Kumar) as the surprise was 7-year old Raghav going 6-2 in singles in his 3rd career tournament. The other 3rd place was Rocket Launchers (Yuvan Satish, Alan Lenin).


Division 7 featured all first-time tournament players. Team Almaden (Oshmi Poddar, Ishaan Ranjan) finished 1st in Division 7. The only adult in the lower divisions, Jay Subramani, went undefeated in singles for Team Zion to finish 2nd (teammate Sanjana Srivatsa) and narrowly beat the 2 Team Almaden players 3-2 in singles. Third Place went to Dublin Dynamite (Vishnu Banda, Edwin He) and Girl Power (Samyuktha Gopinath Lakshmi and Jahnavi Jayanth).