Newark Table Tennis

The Newark table-tennis/ping-pong classes serving the Newark, Central Fremont, North Fremont (Ardenwood and Forest Park), Union City, and Hayward areas take place on Tuesday nights from 8-9 PM. The coaches of Fremont Table Tennis Academy teach the Newark classes. The classes are open to beginners with no prior experience as well as tournament players.

2020 Sessions:

Time: Tuesdays 8-9 PM

Location: Please Contact Us for Location


When classes are giving the green light to start, we will have only 1 kid on 1 table in the group classes to limit the number of kids at once. Kids will be asked to come either 8-8:20 PM, 8:20-8:40 PM, or 8:40-9 PM. Normally, in group lessons, there are 3 students per table so students will get the same amount of play time.

Privates are $60/hr in Newark.