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Where should you buy good ping-pong paddles? Look no further than Fremont Table Tennis Academy as the pre-assembled table-tennis paddles sold here are of good quality. They are made for beginners, intermediate players, and lower-tier tournament players. Serious players and tournament competitors should play with custom-made and professional paddles. Table-tennis is a game that requires various equipment for various needs. Firstly, some players favor spin, some favor speed, and some favor control. Therefore, every player’s style is unique. In addition,  the endless combinations of paddle rubbers and blades creates confusion. Contact us and we will help you choose which table-tennis paddle to buy for your game and budget. 

Which table-tennis paddle should you buy? Among pre-assembled paddles, we carry 3 models of Xiom MUV: 5.5, 7.0, 9.0. The higher the model number, the higher the quality and the higher the price. The ball catapults faster off the higher quality paddles because they have more “spring” in them. Therefore, they make it easier to play but make sure the speed is controllable. The better paddles also often have higher tackiness on the rubber surface to allow for more spin. In addition, they often offer better feel as well. If you are used to a cheaper sporting goods store paddle, please allow a few practice sessions to become accustomed to the better paddle.

Good pre-assembled ping-pong paddles are for recreational players. For tournament or serious players, you should play with a custom-made paddle with separate rubber sheets glued to a blade. Contact Fremont Table Tennis Academy for a recommendation. If you buy the custom-made paddle from our store, assembly is free.