Table Tennis Rubbers

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Xiom Table Tennis Rubbers

The table tennis paddle rubbers from Xiom are among the best values in the market. Xiom has the Omega 7 series, Omega 5 series, and Vega series. Xiom high tension rubbers come at affordable prices. Please feel free to view and buy custom paddle combo specials where rubbers come glued to the blade and come ready to use.

The Xiom Omega 7 series are the latest generation of high-tension rubbers. They can really catapult the ball and are as good as any in the market. Xiom Omega 7 series rubbers are used by many world-class players and come at affordable prices. The Omega 5 series is the previous generation of Xiom rubbers. The Vega series are among the best-selling rubbers offering spin, speed, and control at very affordable prices.

They come in 2.0 mm and max (2.5 mm) thickness. The thinner sponges (2.0) offer more control and a harder feel. The thicker sponges (2.5 mm/max) offer more spring and give a faster and spinnier ball. The thicker sponges also offer a softer and better feel.

Xiom Omega 7 Table Tennis Rubber Series

Omega 7 rubber series is made with the plastic ball in mind. It is the latest and best generation of Xiom table-tennis high tension rubbers.
  • Omega 7 Pro is made for the European mid-distance looping as it provides maximum spin.
  • Omega 7 Euro has an excellent balance of speed and spin with control.
  • Omega 7 Tour is the most explosive and has the most speed of the Omega paddle rubbers. It is one of the best high tension rubbers and has a 55° sponge and a middle-hard top sheet for the power players.
  • Omega 7 Asia is for speed and control.

Xiom Omega 5 Table Tennis Rubber Series

The Omega 5 series is the previous generation of Xiom rubbers. They are medium-priced.

  • Omega 5 Pro specializes in producing high speed and spin with both low and high arm speeds
  • Omega 5 Tour DF is one of the first Xiom table-tennis rubbers made for the plastic ball. It’s for powerful play.
  • Omega 5 Euro DF is designed for all-around play and the new plastic ball.
  • Omega 5 Asia DF is the fastest in the Omega 5 series and made for the plastic ball.

Xiom Vega Table Tennis Rubber Series

The Vega series are excellent rubbers. The Vega rubbers are among the best values on the market as they come at inexpensive prices.

  • Vega Tour is a best value. It is an explosive table-tennis rubber with a high arc and great speed and spin. It is comparable to the Omega 7 series.
  • Vega Pro is Xiom’s best-selling table-tennis rubber. It reduces your error rate and it’s perfect for players from beginners to pro players. It’s meant for the spin oriented attacker looking for great control as well.
  • Vega Japan gives ferocious spin with precision control. It uses Hyper Elasto IMB technology with black carbo sponge to give optimized dwell time for great ball feeling.
  • Vega Europe is excellent as the first paddle rubber for a custom paddle. It is a soft rubber made for the modern European looping game with control in spin. Be more consistent and make less errors with the high arc of Vega Europe.
  • Vega Asia is one of the longest lasting paddle rubbers. With a slightly softer top sheet then Vega pro, it gives a lower ball throw and a great balance of speed, spin, and control.
  • Vega Asia DF is a softer version of Vega Asia. It produces better spin and is made for the plastic ball.
  • Vega China is made for the dominant Chinese playing style that requires a very sticky top sheet and hard sponge. The sheet gives a similar effect of powerful topspins without the illegal speed glue or boosting.