Weekday After-School Program 2021


We hope everyone has had a safe return to school. The weekday after-school program will provide kids a fresh break after-school running on Mondays and Tuesdays from 5-6 PM for the school year. There will be class each Monday and Tuesday except Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break from Fremont USD. A new 7-week session starts this November 1, 2021.

For make-ups, 24-hour notice must be provided and make-ups can be done in other group classes which take place on Monday 5-6 PM, Tuesday 5-6 PM, and Sunday 3:30-5 PM.


The weekday after-school table-tennis program will restart for kids who want to rejoin weekday classes as school reopens. Lessons will be a mix of group and individualized training with ITTF certified coaches teaching the classes.

Additional information

Weekday Classes 2021

Mon-5-6 PM-Sep 6-Oct 25, 2021-$176/8 weeks ($22/class), Tues-5-6 PM-Sep 7-Oct 26, 2021-$176/8 weeks ($22/class), Mon & Tues-Sep 6-Oct 26, 2021-$320/8 weeks ($20/class), Mon-5-6 PM-Nov 1-Dec 20, 2021-$154/7 weeks ($22/class), Tues-5-6 PM-Nov 2-Dec 21, 2021-$154/7 weeks ($22/class), Mon & Tues-Nov 1-Dec 21, 2021-$280/7 weeks ($20/class), Mon-5-6 PM-Nov 1, 2021-June 6, 2022-$532/28 weeks ($19/class), Tues-5-6 PM-Nov 2, 2021-June 7, 2022-$532/28 weeks ($19/class), Mon & Tues-5-6 PM-Nov 1, 2021-June 7, 2022-$952/28 weeks ($17/class)