Ten-year old upcoming kids Shriraam Velayutham and Sumedh Seetharaman won 1st and 3rd place, respectively, at a local tournament this past weekend. Shri won 1st in the Under 900 rating event and Sumedh won 3rd in the Under 750 rating event. Both students do multiple weekly private lessons at Fremont Table Tennis Academy. They both are among the best 10-year olds in the country and their ratings should go up significantly more soon. Shri’s tournament rating went from 315 to 677 after going undefeated in his only event. Sumedh’s rating went from 207 to 545. They both may try for the 11 years and under national team in New York in June where the top 7 boys in the trials for their age make the US national team. Shri’s twin brother Siva, who has a league rating of 1379, may also try for the national team. 

Shri wins 1st!

Shri won 1st place in the Under 900 rating category.

Sumedh wins 3rd!

Sumedh won 3rd in the Under 750 rating category!