Fremont Table Tennis Academy student Sumedh Seetharaman won silver and bronze at a local open this past weekend. He won silver in the Under 450 and bronze in the Under 150 rating events. He lost narrowly in the semis and finals in both losses. In the Under 450 event, he beat the top 3 seeds losing only 1 game en route to the final. His overall record was 6-2. Due to Covid concerns, I didn’t go to the tournament to coach him but coached him via zoom. I coached via zoom during the shelter in place doing online lessons for students who wanted some table-tennis during the lockdown. However, this is the first time I coached via zoom during a tournament. Except for his Under 150 semifinal, I was able to see all his matches in full. It became difficult in terms of when to call a timeout and potential advice between points as he couldn’t hear me when he was playing. We also had miscommunication in one match. However, overall, we were able to be on the same page. 

Sumedh is in the super champions in training program meaning he does 6 hours of weekly private lessons and plays the weekend league. We expect him to become one of the best for his age in the US within 2-3 years.

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