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By Fremont Table Tennis Academy Owner Shashin Shodhan

Fremont Table Tennis Academy is a Butterfly-sponsored club

Fremont TTA is a Butterfly Club

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Fremont Table Tennis Academy is happy to be a Butterfly-sponsored club. The sponsorship began in the later part of 2020 and has renewed in 2021. Butterfly sponsors many of the world-class players including former World #1s Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. Butterfly has the world’s premier equipment and is widely used by table-tennis fans everywhere….

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Lebron James and Kobe Bryant have helped make basketball the most played sport in the world.

Influence: Key to Success in Sports

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Why do certain players, teams, and countries excel in sports? 

Influence. Influence is one of the most important factors in an athlete’s success and maybe the most critical initial factor. In all sports, most upcoming athletes have had role models and great athletes they have looked up to before potentially becoming role models themselves. Greatness isn’t born and it’s first step is that it has to be grown through ignition or an influence. Then only do deliberate practice and master coaching become important….

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