Fremont Table Tennis Academy hosted a 2-star USA Table Tennis sanctioned tournament this past weekend (November 5-7), the 2021 Fremont Butterfly November Open. The tournament featured around 100 players from the West Coast battling in 14 events for trophies and medals. There were rating events for entry-level players to Open Singles to junior events. The next tournament is scheduled for January 21-23, 2022.

Day 1 (Friday, November 5): FACEBOOK ALBUM
Day 1 featured top local upcoming players battling in the more entry-level rating events, Under 25, Under 50, Under 100, and Under 400. The Under 25 was the first event that took place where 9-year old Karthik Kalle defeated 10-year old Rishan Yarlagadda in the final. Both are Fremont Table Tennis Academy Champions in Training Program members. Karthik lost only 1 game en route to victory beating fellow Fremont Table Tennis Academy students. The Under 100 event was won by Parth Bindal over Rohan Bubna. The Under 400 event was won by top seed Ravi Epuri over 9-year old Raghav Bikkina in the final. Raghav, also a member of the Fremont Table Tennis Academy Champions in Training Program, beat 4 higher-rated players en route to the final. Ravi showed excellent steady play to win the event in his first tournament. The Under 50 event was won by Nihar Shah over Dave Osh. Nihar won a very close semifinal over Riya Nigam. 

Day 2 (Saturday, November 6): FACEBOOK ALBUM

Day 2 featured the mid-tiered rating events from Under 700 to Under 1600. There were rating events every 300 points in this tournament. The big winners of day two were Bo Xu and Priyanshu Ghosh. Bo Xu won 1st place (Under 700), 2nd place (Under 1000), and 3rd place (Under 1300). Priyanshu Ghosh won 1st place (Under 1000) and 2nd place (Under 1600). Tanvi Desai won 1st place in Under 1600 and Rishi Singh won 1st place in Under 1300 over Sumedh Seetharaman. 

Day 3 (Sunday, November 7): FACEBOOK ALBUM

Day three featured the highest level of play of the three days with Open Singles, Under 2200, and Under 1900. It also featured the local upcoming youth with Junior 17 years and under, juniors 13 years and under, and juniors 9 years and under. Open Singles was won by Ruqin Ren over Shashin Shodhan. The Under 2200 was won by Fremont Table Tennis Academy Sunday league regulars Alex Rozhin over Vinay Nagaraj. The Under 1900 event was won by Yash Shah over Jingfan Feng. Priyanshu Ghosh won the juniors 17 years and under to make him the big winner of the tournaments with two first places and one second place. Jingfan Feng won the juniors 13 years and under over Sumedh Seetharaman. Aarav Desai won a number of close matches to win juniors 9 years and under.