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National Junior Team Trials

Fremont Table Tennis Academy at the 2022 National Junior Team Trials
Raghav Bikkina and Karthik Kalle played superbly at their first national team trials!
Raghav Bikkina performed well in his first national team trials!
Raghav Bikkina nearly upset the top seed in his group.

Fremont Table Tennis Academy upcoming boys, Raghav Bikkina and Karthik Kalle, played the national team trials for 11 years old and under today in Fort Worth, Texas. Raghav is 10 and Karthik is 9 and both have one more year of eligibility left next year. It was a great experience for them and competed well against the nation’s top kids. The US kids for their age are as good or better than nearly every country’s kids.

Karthik won two matches and nearly a third in his first major tournament! Raghav won one match and nearly upset the top seed in his group before finishing play. The top seed played with an antispin rubber Raghav has never played against before but Raghav nearly pulled off the upset losing narrowly.

They then practiced at a local Dallas club. Tomorrow FTTA will go to the Fort Worth Convention Center to practice which is the site of the US Nationals beginning Saturday. Fremont Table Tennis Academy students that will play the US Nationals are Priyanshu, Tega, Raghav, Aanya, Rohan, Rithika, and Karthik. 

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