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2023 Newark September Butterfly Open tournament

2023 Newark Butterfly September Open tournament hosted by Fremont Table Tennis Academy at the Siliman Center


The 2023 Newark Butterfly September Open tournament has drawn to a triumphant close at the esteemed Siliman Center. Throughout the day, competitors engaged in fierce battles across an array of events, each vying for the coveted trophies and medals on offer. The victors emerged from an impressive field of participants, encompassing rating events, juniors competitions, a seniors event, Open Singles, and Open Doubles.

Notably, three exceptional players showcased their prowess by clinching multiple titles: Yuyang Ying emerged victorious in both Open Singles and the Under 2200 category, Karthik Kalle demonstrated dominance in the juniors 18 years and under as well as the juniors 14 years and under divisions, and Ali Afrakhteh exhibited skill in the Under 100 and Under 25 events.

Other commendable champions include Aiden Liang (under 1900), Amritshyaam Gautam (under 1600), Owen Leung (under 1300), Rayan Chatterjee (under 1000), Jack Lynch (under 700), Smayan Srikanth (under 400), Siddharth Kodaty (under 50), Alexander Rozhin (seniors 50+), and Vidhyut Vasan (juniors 8 years and under). In the realm of Open Doubles, the formidable partnership of Frank (Dewei) Sun and Arkaprabho Ghosh emerged triumphant.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to all these remarkable winners and express our gratitude to everyone who participated, contributing to the tournament’s resounding success!

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